The EPLAN & CIDEON Virtual Fair 2018 was live on air on 15th May.

The future is in the cloud and we presented our cloud solutions EPLAN Data Portal, Syngineer, a preview of EPLAN Cogineer Advanced and a brand new service that takes an EPLAN project into the cloud!

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Highlights from EPLAN:

  • The Virtual Fair offers insights into our brand new service Store Share View that takes the EPLAN project into the cloud.
  • EPLAN Cogineer Advanced: Automated schematics creation at the push of a button - in the cloud starting with the new version.
  • EPLAN Data Portal: Device and component data accessible from anywhere.
  • A preview of the EPLAN platform, Version 2.8.
  • Direct process coupling: Linking MCAD and ECAD based development processes with SAP, VAULT, 3DEXPERIENCE or PRO.FILE.

Open presentations and demos


EPLAN & CIDEON Virtual Fair 2018


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