EPLAN Pro Panel

Exchanging Parts in a Control Cabinet? No Problem!


Manufacturers change their products – and you: You change your project. It can be laborious when working on a control cabinet, but Version 2.8 simplifies the process. In the layout navigator, you can exchange parts without deleting the existing part placement from the original control cabinet.

And it’s not a problem if the new cabinet part has several macro variants: You simply select one of the variants before the exchange (e.g., control cabinet with door hinges on the right or left). After part selection, the “select macro variant” dialogue opens automatically.

Different types of constructions for a control cabinet can be saved as variants of a 3D macro in the master data and, if needed, exchanged in a positioned control cabinet via a part swap. It’s very easy!

New Geometries for Component Placement


Assembly lines enable you to place 3D objects on non-variable-length components in a similar manner as on mounting rails. They have a definable alignment, adopted from a surface or by inputting a rotation angle.

This also makes assembly lines suited to placing 3D objects on inclined surfaces or in non-orthogonal mounting positions. The EPLAN Platform is offering the appropriate support: You can place 3D objects in variable positions, just like on actual mounting rails, by using assembly lines.

The spectrum of usable geometries for placing components is therefore substantially expanded. This gives your panel layout “space to breathe” and will certainly impress you. A video demo can be found here.