EPLAN Preplanning

Well Planned with EPLAN Preplanning

Cross-references can now be shown on the segments of the preplanning pages. Corresponding “counterparts” from the detail planning or the preplanning pages are required. This provides lots of new opportunities in engineering with EPLAN Preplanning. Another highlight: Value sets from placeholder objects can now be edited, which also reduces the effort needed for segment templates. So start reducing your workload.


Macros for building automation

EPLAN Preplanning
EPLAN Preplanning Professional is also ideally suited as a solution for building automation. Version 2.8 provides you with an EPLAN project with over 370 P&IDs for building automation, including the associated function lists according to VDI 3814 and DIN EN ISO 16484-3 standards.


Architects, engineers, planning offices and construction companies need information transparency and efficient tools to make engineering economical. With EPLAN Preplanning Professional, building automation can be planned across all disciplines in a fully digital and integrated way. The improved data synchronization increases the productivity of the planning process in terms of time, costs and quality.

Showing Data from Superordinate PCT Loops in a Property Configuration


Until now, the indicated source object “segment” was used in the property configuration to show data from a superordinate PCT loop in a placed function. Depending on the hierarchy level in which the PCT loop is located, different indices and therefore different property configurations had to be used. To simplify this, the source object “PCT loop” has been added under the “property selection” dialogue. It’s an important function that simplifies process automation and I&C engineering technology in basic engineering, making high-quality system documentation even easier, but it’s best to see it for yourself...