EPLAN Electric P8

Bus data for all display formats

Previously, you could only enter bus data into single-line displays. Newly available in the properties dialogue for bus connections is the “Bus data” tab for all display formats. Yet another practical advantage: bus data are no longer deleted when changing display types (as was the case beforehand). It simply provides much more freedom within the project.


Multiple selection when adding lined-up terminal accessories

In the “Edit terminal strip” dialogue, you can now assign several lined-up accessories at the same time. All of the devices selected in the “Lined-up accessories” popup menu will be assigned to the selected terminal. This saves you time in engineering.


Expanded data exchange to Siemens TIA Portal

Another new feature includes improvements to bidirectional reciprocity between EPLAN and TIA Portal through the AutomationML format. Since version 2.7, PLC data can be imported and exported between EPLAN and Siemens TIA Portal. There is now even better support in version 2.8, bringing your engineering full circle – for optimal configuration of PLC data.