EPLAN Platform, Version 2.8

Fresh User Interface


It’s never been seen before: An EPLAN user interface which is ready for 4K, meaning ultra-HD compatible. While you can’t compare an EPLAN project to the latest action film, “action” in the form of project pressure certainly defines day-to-day engineering. What are the benefits of the extended interface? You get graphical support when positioning windows, navigators and pages, which can now be grouped in one window. Another advantage is that your navigators can be displayed as tab pages, just like project pages.

In short: You can arrange windows more easily and clearly within the EPLAN Platform by placing windows with large space requirements (such as EPLAN Cogineer or EPLAN Data Portal) in the opened project pages like a tab page. The Quick Infos have also been extended. Important information from the Status Bar is shown below the buttons on the toolbars: All of the essential information you need at a glance.

Extended Filters for the Page Navigator


Additional navigators, for instance a second Page Navigator, can also be displayed. This provides you with an all-encompassing overview because you can keep an eye on different project stages in parallel. When filtering pages, you can now include other characteristics for the functions placed on these pages such as trade, representation type and function definition.

Simultaneously Formatting Graphical Elements


You can often tell how well a project is working depending on its tempo. Starting with Version 2.8, several graphical elements can be formatted simultaneously. Beside from providing extra speed, this ensures correct processing without manual changes afterwards. If you want to know how it’s done, take a look here and watch an expert so you can become one yourself...

Innovation: More Technology for Macros

Anyone who places great value on reutilisation can’t ignore macro technology. An increasing number of EPLAN users are taking advantage of this technology for the repeated, structured use of data. The current Version 2.8 has many surprises in store, which include three crucial enhancements:
  1. Select value sets when inserting page macros with placeholder objects
  2. Use the Macro Navigator for schematic projects
  3. Placeholder objects in the Macro Navigator

Placeholder Objects: Offering you more freedom

From Version 2.8, placeholder objects have become more clearly structured. Only the relevant selected properties are shown in the “assignment” tab, which means it’s easier to find relevant information and less searching is required. The placeholder object preview is also shown immediately. And mistakes due to manual typing become a thing of the past with the new selection possibilities for value entries.

Integration is Everything: EPLAN Fluid

You can now create special overview pages in EPLAN Fluid for the simplified representation of complex fluid-technology functions. This makes identifying relevant components for controlling much easier. The best thing about it is that the functional overview now displays all cross-references with their function in the fluid diagram – for integrated engineering.